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Facials services offered in Sebring, FL

Not only are facials deeply relaxing, but they also offer a range of skin benefits. Many residents of  Sebring, Florida, rely on Lavish Grace Wellness Med Spa for top quality facials using the very best products on the market. Schedule your experience today online or call the office to check appointment availability.

What are the benefits of facials?

Perhaps the most common benefits people associate with facials is relaxation. Having someone gently care for your skin and enjoying the scents of high-quality products is incredibly relaxing, but there are also other results to enjoy.

Facials deliver a deeper cleansing effect than simple daily makeup removal and washing can accomplish. The massage portions of a professional facial also boost circulation, which helps heal skin and promotes cell renewal.

Exfoliation removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells. This reveals a layer of fresh, healthy cells and a glowing complexion.

Moisturizing helps restore your skin’s protective barrier and creates a soft and smooth feel.  

What should I expect during my facials?

Facials are highly customized and designed to address your specific skin care needs. The initial portion of the visit includes a quick skin assessment and a discussion of your skin health. 

This information allows your practitioner to determine which products and procedures to include in your facial. Once you are resting comfortably on the treatment table, the experience begins. 

Some of the elements of a basic facial include:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Exfoliation
  • Moisturizing
  • Treatment masks and serums

Signature facials can be customized to suit oily, dry, combination, aging, or acne-prone skin. There are also products designed for sensitive skin. 

How can chemical peels help enhance the results of facials?

Chemical peels are a form of intense exfoliation that use carefully balanced chemical solutions to remove the outermost layers of your skin. It’s important to work with highly trained professionals when having a chemical peel, as damage can occur if the wrong products are used or the solution is left on too long.

Many people add a chemical peel to their skincare routine. Alternating between routine facials and occasional chemical peels can remove dead and damaged skin cells to renew your skin. This makes your signature facials become more effective and allows your skin to better absorb the high quality products used during your facials.

If you’re overdue for a professional facial, call the office to schedule a visit. Online booking is also available and takes just moments to complete.